Frequently Asked Questions

How Oyamacar protects my personal and financial data online ?

Our online booking site is totally secure

How do I get an ID number Oyamacar ?

Your Oyamacar ID number is created at the time of your first rental

How to know if my reservation is confirmed ?

An email confirming your reservation will be sent to you in detail

How to find the nearest Oyamacar agency ?

Call us on +212 6 62 15 10 10

Should I go around the vehicle before leaving the agency ?

Check the condition of the vehicle before taking the vehicle

Do I have to make a statement of the vehicle before returning the keys to the agency ?

It is preferable to go around the vehicle

Should I return the vehicle without fuel ?

You must return the vehicle to us as it was at the start

Can someone other than me drive the rented vehicle ?

Only drivers registered on your contract can drive, a second driver is free

Is it possible to modify or cancel my reservation after it has been confirmed ?

Yes, Oyamacar accept a modification or cancellation of booking without booking fees

Is it possible to modify or cancel a pre-paid reservation after it has been confirmed ?

Yes, if you have prepared your reservation...

Do you need a specific driving license to drive in Morocco??

Our vehicles conduct themselves with a license B.

Are insurances included in the advertised rate ?

Liability insurance is included

Are the Simple Rent rentals offered by Oyamacar ?

Yes. Specify when booking